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Editorial: Tougher nursing-home rules good for residents

The federal government's five-star quality rating system for nursing homes has been scandalously easy for home operators to cheat by simply failing to report evidence of poor patient care. That should change starting in January, when the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services imposes tougher reporting requirements nationwide. Reform is critical. Read the full story [...]

Medicare Revises Nursing Home Rating System

The federal government on Monday announced substantial changes to the government’s five-star rating program for nursing homes, a widely used consumer tool that has been criticized for its reliance on self-reported, unverified data. The five-star rating system has become the gold standard for evaluating the nation’s more than 15,000 nursing homes since it was put [...]

Hello World 3.0

I need...I need...I need... fish fingers and custard! Usually called 'The Doctor.' Or 'The Caretaker.' Or 'Get off this planet.' Though, strictly speaking, that probably isn't a name.

Hello World 2.0

No idea. Just do what I do: hold tight and pretend it's a plan. It's a fez. I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool.

Hello world!

Geronimo! Brave heart, Clara. Thank you, Strax. And if I'm ever in need of advice from a psychotic potato dwarf, you'll certainly be the first to know. Frightened people. Give me a Dalek any day.